Chaka Bije Niti To Be Held Today: Lord Jagannath & Siblings In Recovery Mode

Puri: Chaka Bije Niti, a ritual that marks improvement in health of the sibling deities from Jagannath temple in Puri, will be held on Friday.

Raj Baidyas (physicians) will give herbal medicines to the Shri Mandir today, which will be administered to the sibling deities on Saturday. After this ritual, the deities will be completely cured.

Dasamula Modaka

As per the rituals, Raj Baidya will give Dasamula at Shri Mandir. After the Chaka Bije Niti, the Dasamula will be administered to deities on Ekadasi Tithi. This medicine is prepared from Talapurni, Gambhari, Balla, Panapana, Gokhara, Ghee, Khua and honey.

Oon Ekadasi tithi, Pati Mahapatra Sevaka will administer the herbal medicine to the deities, who are now recuperating at ‘Anasara Ghara’ (sick room) after Snana Purnima.

After this ritual, the deities will be cured completely. Servitors gave this news to the Gajapati Maharaj on Dwadasi.

According to tradition, priests had bathed the four deities with 108 pitchers of aromatic water on Snana Purnima. Gajapati Dibyasingha Deb then performed “Chhera Pahanra,” following which they were offered bhog and decked up in “Hati Besha” (incarnation of Lord Ganesh).

The servitors then escorted them to “Anasara Ghar”, where the deities rest for a fortnight. During this period, the temple physicians treat them with herbal medicines. The deities are also served fruit diet by the Daita servitors.

Once the deities have recovered, they will be moved to “Ratna Singhasan” of the temple for “Nabajouban Darshan”. Rath Yatra is slated for July 4.

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