Odisha Adapts Webinars, The New Normal For Hosting Events During COVID Lockdown


Bhubaneswar: The COVID-19 pandemic forced the hospitality industry to shut completely. Amid the closure, the events which used to take place in hotels and restaurants earlier, are now being conducted in the form of webinars online.

Since event organisers do not have to incur the cost for organising a webinar, and even ensure the health safety of the attendees, they are likely to continue to adopt this format even after the lockdown.

“For us, internet is the latest venue. We are holding webinars on different topics. The lockdown has changed the meaning of meetings and conferences. Using technology, we can organise seminars and invite as many people as we want to participate,” professor Pankaj Sharma told TOI.

With many organisations including the state government holding several webinars, the changing trend could impact the beleaguered hotel industry furthermore.

The Ministry of Tourism recently organised a webinar on ‘Odisha: India’s Best Kept Secret’, which involved a virtual tour of the state for the participants.

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